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Small Town Scene was created off of a need for people living in and visiting small towns to be able to find businesses and services that they were interested in. Small towns do not have the benefits of larger cities when it comes to advertising and marketing. In large cities like Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, etc. they have tv stations, radio stations, newspapers and websites that a large number of people look at daily. If you want something in these cities they are easy to find. In small towns it is not that easy. That is when the idea and concept of Small Town Scene was conceived.
Small Town Scene was created by Cody J. Brune and Silvia K. Brune. Cody was born and raised in a small town, but after high school lived in Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Silvia was born, raised and has lived in a small town her whole life. One day when Silvia (Cody’s Mom) came to visit him, they wanted to go have a nice meal and do something fun. Cody then searched what they wanted and found a website that had everything you could do from eating to shopping to events. You name it they had it on this website. Silvia went back home and some of her friends were asking her about new places that had opened up in her small town. She had no idea that these places were open. This is when she and Cody decided that it would be great to have a website for people in small towns to find any business or service they were looking for on website.
Small Town Scene is a website that will have everything you are looking for. Restauarants, shopping, services, churches, schools, banks, insurance, etc. You name it, Small Town Scene will have it.
Small Town Scene is owned and operated by Small Town Advertising, LLC.

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